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Tolu a friend of mine and i were going out one evening. I noticed a young girl standing by the road side ostensibly looking for a means of transportation to her destination. From distance I saw a woman passing on the other side of the road telling her to use the shawl she was holding to cover the baby at her back  as it was cold.

It occurred to me that the young girl was still a learner leaning the rudiments of motherhood owing to her age. Obviously she still needed more tutoring. As we get closer she politely stopped us and ask if we could help her with financial assistance. I asked her what happened? How did you get here?

She said she was a student and had come to see someone in that area to solicit for financial assistance but unfortunately she did not meet the person. Actually my concern is not about she telling me the truth but my worry is the baby at her back at that young age.

She said she didn't meet the person she had come to see and that she had nothing left with her.  I felt really bad for her. But I wanted to be sure if she was a student of a secondary school or tertiary institutions. She told me she was a student of one of the polytechnics.

I asked myself silently where was the guy who impregnated her?  May God forgive we guys. At that young age without money how would she cope with the baby.

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Well Tolu and i gave her the little we had. But how far will the token take her?

Bad Eggs and the good ones

Reasons for exceptions?

Wait!  Do girls need to be told that being pregnant in school is not ideal?

Do they need to be told that they don't need romantic relationship at that age?

Common! Relationship at that age is not and will not be profitable.   It is a burden at that age. I could see written on that girls face that the baby on her back is a distraction at that age of her life. Many will even abort. They don't know they are Killers. I salute the girls courage for not terminating the pregnancy like other girls do..

I think every girl going into higher institution should be told that there are guys on campus waiting to show 'deceptive true love'  to them. Most especially (girl-freshers), guys are like  roaring  lions  seeing for  whom to devour. And if you fall,you will be used and dumped. Please avoid romantic relationships. No doubt I understand that they can't escape guys proposals but you must be prepared to take charge of your life before someone else does.

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Of course there are girls in higher institution that their ways of life are worth emulating. They are goal getters, they are focused and concerned about their pursuit in life and not the pursuit of guys who are lifeless. They are lifeless as long as they fail to realize why they are being sent to school and why they must live to purpose.

These girls, if not in the classroom, would be in their hostel or attending fellowship. After school they retire to their rooms. They study hard day and night, assignments are done, they engage in activities that are productive and are of values. These are girls that are ready to add value to their life and bring something extraordinary to the world.

I understand we can't be equal, our character can't be the same, but there are always room for improvement.

I just want to implore you girls/ladies to live a life that is worth emulating, plan your life and be focused. Seek good counsel if there is need, live by example, keep good friends, limit your use of social media, be involved in productive activities, pray and give the best in whatever you do.

This is more enjoyable and profitable.

Written by Osundiji Ramon

Osundiji Ramon is a youth counsellor, blogger, writer and a poet. The founder of DE ORA publications, an initiator of DE ORA Talks. A member of Association of Nigerian Authors, a fellow of Jaw Jaw Africa- a body aimed at raising future public speakers  Email: