“I have scars”; she said.

“Why?” He asked,

“I have been fighting”; she replied,

“Against who?” He answered,


He had no words, not from the lack of trying but the words just would not form, the sounds came out as a grunt, he tried to comfort her, but how do you comfort your ‘go to’ when life shatters? How do you comfort the comforter?

Hey! Stop! Let’s talk about mental health and depression for a few.


A lot of people go through shit, believing they could handle it, forgetting that “just because you can handle it doesn’t mean you should”- they however try regardless.


I remember something I penned down a while ago:

“What’s loneliness?

What’s freedom?

I want to stop dreaming

I want to stop fighting

I want to stop trying

I want to live but I am scared of living

I want to see but I’m scared of losing sight

I want to try but I’m scared of failing

Worn between who I am and who I want to be,

Trying to be myself without being conformed to the society;

I’m just a girl who has got to decide for herself if what I’m dealing with is loneliness or truly freedom,

Only if I know what freedom truly is.”

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What truly is freedom? Now answer that to yourself, know your truth and own it. “I really hate how as a society we address mental health not the same way we address physical health. People are fighting hard to appear “normal” and there isn’t a norm.” I remember a while back when a friend said she needed to be examined. I asked ‘health wise or psychologically.’ Someone else thought it was rude of me to ask. Well, no.

Mental health.

A few hours back, a Nigerian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Harrison Tare Okiri popularly called Harrysong put the following on his Instagram page: “Don’t cry when I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert, empower more youth… I have lived… I have done my bit, carry on in grace… Tekero ♥ I LOVE YOU ALL… #altersoldier.”


The comment section broke my heart. It’s sad to know that in this age and time, some people still confuse depression with the lack or having of money. Some of the comments were:

  • “I wonder why humans are so
  • “Dear Harrysong, when you hear other people’s stories… you will be
  • “Harrysong wan release another track lol.” What? I honestly understand the place of

Of course, there were comments about how they thought he is supposed to be a man, and a heartless and gullible few had the effrontery to say he wouldn’t be missed. And then the storytellers came along thinking it was a play:

  • “I beg make una shift go one side. We all have our problems. Everything na social media. Does this place look like

All these are just to mention a few. I almost puked. Then, there was this guy that said “If truly he was depressed, Harrysong I know won’t post it. His pride won’t even let him do it.” I would have knocked some sense into him if I could. Dear fans, that you watch, listen or even have active feedback from a public figure you admire doesn’t make you 'know' them.

Some people actually put up “smoke weed”. Reminding me again that Nigerians are a breed of a kind.

A few hours later, rapper Mac Miller dies from an apparent drug overdose.

Humans as usual, always looking for a way to deal with pain blamed Ariana Grande; his ex for his obvious fall out, and past ordeal which they claimed must have lead him to drug overdose. Not bearing in mind, that the heart never forgets who she has loved and the lady now has to deal with the death of a loved one and being blamed for his death. Or what offense has a lady who called off a relationship she deemed unbearable got?

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What is depression?

Depression has no apparent cause, it is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood and a feeling of sadness and loss of interest, it is a persistent problem, not a passing one according to Markus MacGill. “It is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in daily activities causing significant impairment in daily life.”

Depression doesn’t actually have to be about money, relationships or any of our life related frivolities. Depression- believing the lie that you need to hide. We see every day but how often do we see the real deal? Or just what they want us to see? Check up on people, ask about their mental health. Nothing is usually as it seems.

Depression is real. People get suicidal every day. How do you depress with a depressant? The numbness by drugs and alcohols only take reality away for a bit- in the moment but never forever. Normal isn’t what it seems and sadly, we all still hide behind our filters and bluescreens.

Written by Christiana Osun.

Christiana is a writer dedicated to voicing out thoughts we’d rather not complete: Presenting our realities and sharing relatable experiences and thoughts provoking subjects. She’s sarcastic, fun loving and an enigma of possibilities. Instagram: @_themillenniallady_ Facebook: OSUN Christiana Oluwadamilola  Email: