P-Square were one of the earliest set of artists who redefined what music videos should look like in the Nigerian music industry, and we reflect on ten of the best videos as served by the duo.

The duo of identical brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, popped up on our radar with Senorita, the lead single of their 2003 debut album, Last Nite.

Themed around a properly choreographed dance moves, acting and a well written script, P-Square raised the bar for what music videos should represent in the music industry and all through the course of their music career, the duo maintained the standard that was associated with their visuals.

Their well documented break-up may not give us the chance to see the brothers do their thing together again, but they delivered a great run while it lasted and it is also interesting that most of their videos until the latter days was directed by their brother, Jude 'engees' Okoye.

Here are 10 music videos by P-Square you should watch

1. Senorita

Considering the year it was released, this video was well ahead of its time.

With their Michael Jackson inspired dance moves, a cameo by legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt and a fairly scripted storyline, the video introduced P-Square to the world and immediately ushered them to the front row of the new darlings of the industry.

2. Personally

Of all their Michael Jackson impressions, this turned out to be the brothers highest tribute to the legend.

From the costuming, complete with the shiny jackets to the hats and dancers, P-Square didn't exactly bring Wacko Jacko back, but they made an attempt deserving of a mention.

The video comes complete with a portrait of the late legend at the background.

3. Collabo

The hit song featuring Mavins honcho, Don Jazzy, deserved a befitting video and they delivered one.

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, with an office plot that sees the brothers fantasize about their female boss. This video was pretty impressive.

4. No one like you

This song not only served as a wedding anthem but the visuals also provided tutorials on how to kill it on your wedding day.

Iconic in every way from the bride and groom professing love via a phone call on the wedding day to the church ceremony, and the brothers in the company of their fellow grooms playing the role of band members to the delight of their brides.

5. Temptation

Now this remains one of the groups most prominent offerings till date.

Transitioning from scenes on the streets, where featured rapper, Alaye approaches a girl by the phone booth to club and pool scene, the visuals worked wonders with their fans.

6. E no easy

From the opening scene, when the brothers walked out from a parked Bentley bearing their name on the plate number, this video was a winner.

The matching costumes, colours and dance moves all worked in one piece to make this an enjoyable watch.

7. More than a friend

This video was a class above its contemporaries at the time with expensive cars, suits and choice location scenes.

P-Square were evolving with the times and this was proof of it.

8. Do me

Another one that got instant appreciation from the minute it was released.

I guess it is almost impossible to go wrong when you have a house filled with ladies.

9. Alingo

So with the era of Azonto, came different dance routines, and not to be left out of the trend, the brothers released the visuals to their Alingo single which came complete with an upgraded version of the Azonto dance.

10. Get squared

Off the 2005 album titled 'Get Squared', the video for the titled track became a template on how to shoot club scenes with low budget.

Again, synching the right costume colours to create a balance with the backdrop colours was key and the closing part was quite hypnotic and dazzling.