Our Prop of the Week goes to the enigmatic, if eccentric Nigerian On-Air personality and part-time cross-dresser, Denrele Edun for continuing to

This week, Denrele was featured by the French edition of the British men's publication, GQ wearing female clothing in an array of esoteric poses and backdrops.

The former child actor spoke about living as a non-binary person in Nigeria, his journey in the media and entertainment space and future plans.

A particular highlight was his insistence on staying true to his lifestyle regardless of the boundless opposition he's faced over the years.

Denrele is the young Nigerian we need. In a society that has become an echo chamber of sorts, we need people who are willing to help us understand that not everything is as simple as a verse in the bible or a tirade about tradition and African culture.

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Even more, he is willing to talk about these issues and address them head-on, be it on an interview on local television or in a foreign magazine.

It's easy to see him as a sum of his outfits but what it takes to live as Denrele does is courage and the man has endless tranches of it.