The singer has been subject of controversy ever since she dropped the controversial song about Nigerian female genitals.

The video got removed from Youtube which angered some Nigerians but later got reuploaded by Youtube.

The internet sensation got talking with Pulse TV where she describes her self as a trendsetter that likes to give new thoughts and ideas to music and not copy anyone.

On her viral song, she said she didn't quite picture the song spreading like wildfire the way it did, saying she was just focused on making good music and video but was pleased about the outcome.

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The singer explained that the song was inspired by Nigerian women who she said are smart abd go-getters, and regarding the song not being accepted by conservative Nigerians, Vitarah made it clear that she was out to do music for the hip and young adults who know where music is headed.

The singer believes her song became a popular hit because people appreciate her for being real and putting out fresh music.

She hopes to work with Olamide and Davido because she sees them as real and raw and having a similar style of music to hers.

Watch her performance at the Olamide concert in New York.