Africas largest economy,

The research, BCG says, is based on proprietary Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) – an analysis which provides a comprehensive diagnostic tool that assesses the relative well-being of countries.

In its report, the BCG's 2018 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) reveals that countries can make the overall welfare of citizens the top priority while promoting sustainable and robust economic growth.

According to the findings, out of the 152 countries assessed, Nigeria is placed on 146 as the country index on income, education and infrastructure remain the major issues.

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In Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Congo Democratic Republic, Chad and the Central African Republic are the five lowest ranked countries while Mauritius, Seychelles, Botswana, Gabon and Ghana maintain top position.

In the global scene, Norway tops the rank with 85% score on the conversion of the nation's wealth into well-being for its citizens as Switzerland and Iceland rank second and third respectively.

Here's how some African countries ranked:

1. South Africa

Population: 54.1 million

Gross National Income (GNI): 5,480

SEDA Score: 38.5

2. Kenya

Population: 46.0 million

GNI: 1,380

Score: 35.4

3. Ghana

Population: 27.0 million


Score: 40.2

4. Ethiopia

Population: 97.4 million

GNI: 660

Score: 32.5

5. Uganda

Population: 38.8 million

GNI: 630

GNI: 30.9

6. Nigeria

Population: 176.5 million

GNI: 2,450

SEDA Score: 25.5

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