Ice sheets and lots of mist

Rivers flow and sand in the midst

The sun sets and shadows cast

The moon shines to every caste

Autumn brings pleasure

Joy without measure

Spring sparks joy and flowers bloom

Every summer there’s never gloom

Twilight joy and morning love

Even the sky looks like a dove

Life is war

And death is raw

Raindrops fall and grass blades glide

When it snows little flakes slide

Waterfalls glisten in the sun

Flowers open when it’s dawn

Love is rough

And hate is tough

Sweet scents of the night

Bring forth beauty and light

Rivers spring from high mountains

Cut clean paths to form fountains

Beauty is seen in every creature

God’s beauty in all of nature

Ruth Chisaram Nwosuis is a 200-level student of English and Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Calabar, Cross River State.