Her voice is flawless, she sings with so much ease and then again she is one beautiful and voluptuous lady.

On our photo of the day, Waje is looking too sexy and irresistible. She shows us another side of her that we seldom see. The slit on her dress would get a lot of gents drooling and we all know Waje's physique gets a lot of attention.

Waje is one of those celebrities who never gets questioned by the fashion police for any errors as she always graces the red carpet with outfits which makes her look like a princess.

The last time Waje was in the news, it wasn't on a lighter note or anything close to music rather she was pouring out her anger about the way Nigerians behave. In a message posted on her Instagram page on Friday, January 19, 2018, the singer called out Nigerians for being a manipulative, wicked and religious bunch.

"Maybe we as Nigerians deserve the insults we get from the rest of the world. We are deceitful, manipulative, wicked, religious bunch. May God help us. I read comments and wonder if these are human beings or fallen angels (demons will be too harsh). May the day you want to be celebrated not be the day you'll be cursed cause of seeds you have sown. Afterall is just a comment," she wrote.

After a while, the singer took done the post which might have been as a result of the buzz the message got.