We cannot choose our names by ourselves, but we can choose our pet names.

In the course of my adventures, I have heard people call their lovers beautiful names. Names that would have evolve their relationship into something beautiful if not that they were called out of cheer habit.

But when the pet name is genuinely used, the beauty it becomes a revelation. The name then spices the mouth with sweetness, and with grace it proceeds.

Specifically, a pet name is not suppose to  be a thing that should be copied. Rather, it should be a verbal manifestation of what your spouse is to you.

Please do not get me wrong; it is okay to use a pet name that you fancy another using especially if your spouse is to you what that pet name implies.

But using it for the sake of convention does not vibrate with romance at all.

Why the use of pet names?

Apart from the fact that pet names adds flavour and scent to the romance life of lovers, it also reveals to the world what lovers means to eachother.

It is an expression of trueness. A declaration of gratitude.

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Here are common pet names in Nigeria

Other common Nigerian pet names includes: Darling, Boo Boo, Sugar Crush, Boo, and Heart Rob.

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In addition, you can  pick from the below list if it is your desire to tell the world what your partner means to you.

List of pet names