Fast rising national light welterweight boxing champion,

In a recent interview, Fijabi, who has emerged winner twice at the GOtv Boxing Night, said his ambition is to become Nigeria's first billionaire boxer.

Having won N1million cash prize twice at the boxing show, Fijabi said, "I never dreamt of winning an amount as big as N1million. Never. The truth is I never wanted to turn professional. There was no reason to want to turn professional because there was really nothing to look forward to as a professional boxer in Nigeria. I had seen enough of professional boxers before me not to want to turn pro. They had very few opportunities to fight because there were no fight promotions.


"Even when they got the chance to fight, they were so poorly paid. I was a multiple champion in the amateur cadre and I felt that was where to be. Those who turned pro earlier were not living well because they did not earn well and I didn't want a part of that," he disclosed.

Fijabi, who is scheduled for another fight to defend his title come July 30, 2016, said he never though he would amount to anything in life.

"I have to be honest: I never thought I'd amount to anything in life. I haven't reached the top yet, but you cannot compare where I was to where I am now. You just can't. Apart from being better paid and winning the cash prize, I am better known. People across Africa know my name. In Nigeria, they see me in newspapers and  hear me speak on radio and television.

"Now, I get phone calls from those who didn’t know me before. I go to places and people want to take photographs with me. But I want more. As I said, I am not at the top yet. I hope to be a billionaire boxer, win the world title and be talked about the way great boxers are talked about. That is my aspiration," Fijabi said.

The boxer also noted that his mission to become a billionaire is without doubt a long one but is achievable as he has set his mind at conquering the world.