Veteran singer Jazzman Olofin has paid a tribute to his old time late colleague and friend

Sharing on Instagram a picture of him and OJB, about a day ago, he writes "Memories of good times. Making those hits was all a dream at the beginning. Then dream came true! We rocking! Looks like we are back to dreams again bro, I close my eyes and I see you everywhere... RIP. InGodWeTrust.

A few days ago before he died, OJB Jezreel told Thenetng that Jazzman Olofin is his only true friend in the entertainment  industry.

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On the day he died, Tuesday June 14, 2016 our reporters spotted Jazzman at OJB’s Surulere home looking visibly sad and in tears.

Though he declined to comment at first, but after reading what OJB said about him, Jazzman spoke to Thenetng saying, ‘We’ll miss him, he’s a great guy. Am sure we won’t know how much we miss him now till the reality sinks in’.

‘Everyone in this industry benefited from OJB. He started this movement at a time when pop and hip hop music was impossible. It’s sad he’s dead now, he’s my friend and I’ll miss him so much’.