Highly rated in the UFC Adesanya finally recorded his biggest win against the highly rated American Brunson at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Israel Adesanya beats Derek Brunson

Adesanya stopped his opponent in the first round to deliver a first-round knockout to the sixth-ranked American.

After the fight, he stated according to a report by Stuff, that he achieved the win despite a reoccurring trouble in his knee.

He said, "I was limping. My knee was so inflamed.

"Within three days my knee was getting better, then I had a cortisone shot a few days later – I checked with USADA, the golden snitch and they said 'yeah, it's cool'.

"It was feeling so much better then I got back to the gym and started killing it, but I'm going to have to have surgery just to take away whatever niggly injury it was."

The Nigerian born Australian has always been criticised for his grappling ability but was able t prove the doubters that he has improved drastically.

Israel Adesanaya on win

He was able to shield himself from his opponent's attacks and attempts to take him down before landing a heavy knee strike to send Brunson down.

Adesanya now has extended his record to 15-0 and is undefeated since his debut in February.

He added, "That was about a B-minus. You saw me fight Brad (Tavares) and he was light work but this was a walk in the park. No, this was a walk in the garden... Madison baby," Adesanya said.

"I'm going to sit back and watch the rest of the fights in the middleweight tournament and then I'll plot, slowly."

The Shaku Shaku dance is a very popular dance in Nigeria, which involves the crossing of arms while also galloping with your legs and showed that Adesanya s proud of his Nigerian heritage.

Adesanya stated he did his best to stop his opponent that despite his very aggressive start.

He said,  "I expected him to come at me like he did with Robert Whittaker when he was all clumsy... but he came out patient and I forced him to be clumsy.

"I started the game at level two, they're just loading so I got in his head and I got him to start to work and shoot.

"I keep saying, I don't throw and hope. I aim and fire down the barrel."

Adesanya is expected to undergo surgery on his painful knee before returning to action in 2019 to defend his unbeaten streak.