I walk down the road

As graceful as a queen to behold

My steps revealing the intricate craft of my body

Young warriors muse

A prize worth dying for

A never let go

The drums roll

Battle line drawn

Every warrior, intent on same goal

The battle for my heart has begun

Every man for himself

Brave warriors on same mission

To claim the hand of a glamorous treasure

Craving to be at her side

Bestowed a kilobyte of attention

For hers a heart of gold

Shining with purity and kindness

The warriors are tested,

Tried and proven

Best amongst equals

In the battle of wits and brain,

Set for the ultimate fight of their life

For each man knows

That of all the battles fought

This is of paramount importance

And the price must be brought home

Every trick is tried

All flattery and facts said

In the bid to win

The battle for my heart

Calmly, I sit

Watching in amusement

Each warrior tries to outdo the other

Friends, fast becoming enemies

I smile and nod at each one

Courageously pleading his case

This is the prize each warrior desires

A gorgeous princess in her regalia

A paragon of exquisite beauty and excellence

For her love is the glory of their crown

Her praise, the soothing balm

To their aching muscles

Her smiles melt the strongest man

The movement of her hips

Sends all into fits of craziness

They are bedazzled by her intelligence and softness

Her femininity, undoubted

I stand

With my choice in mind

Each man holds his breath

To find out if lucky

Or not

I smile

May the best man win.

Lydia Taiwo is a 400-level student of Medicine at American University of St. Vincent, Dallas, Texas, United States.