The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headed by Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega has began announcing results from the 2015 Presidential Elections which held on Saturday, March 28 to March 29, 2015.

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Accredited Voters: 31,756,490

Total Valid Votes: 28,587,564

Rejected Votes: 844, 519

Total: 29,432,083


Total Number of Votes: 28,280,083

Goodluck Jonathan: 12,853,162 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 15,426,921votes

[10:06PM] - All results from states have been collated.

"Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, having taken results from the 36 states + the FCT, we will proceed with computation and tallying"- Jega


AA:145 AD:392 ACPN:243 ADC:201 APA:878 APC:473,543 CPP:310 HOPE:88 KOWA:158 NCP:107 PDP:25,640 PPN:143 UDP:31 UPP:41

[09:52PM] - Prof. Jega arrives for final collation

[06:00PM] Muhammadu Buhari emerges winner of 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections

Muhammadu Buhari from the All Progressive Congress (APC) has won the 2015 Nigerian presidential elections, beating incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, today, March 31, 2015.READ MORE

[05:56PM] Commission to reconvene around 8pm when the results will arrive


AA:1473 AD:735 ACPN:916 ADC:888 APA:478 APC:48,910 CPP:813 HOPE:166 KOWA:311 NCP:670 PDP:1,211,405 PPN:393 UDP:354 UPP:261


AA: 249 AD: 714 ACPN:535 ADC:762 APA:3482 APC:671,926 CPP:1894 HOPE:283 KOWA:475 NCP:686 PDP:152,199 PPN:605 UDP:269 UPP:180

States Left: Delta, Sokoto

[04:16PM] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 25,696,460

Goodluck Jonathan: 11,463,918 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 14,232,542 votes


AA:962 AD: 586 ACPN:811 ADC:320 APA:1306 APC:261,326 CPP:1,033 HOPE:161 KOWA:153 NCP:876 PDP:310,800 PPN:680 UDP:224 UPP:439

[04:03PM] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 24,915,865

Goodluck Jonathan: 11,153,118 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 13,971,216 votes


AA: 159 AD: 450 ACPN:1284 ADC:512 APA:709 APC:208,469 CPP:325 HOPE:22 KOWA:175 NCP:516 PDP:286,869 PPN:729 UDP:160

States Left: Borno, Delta, Edo, Sokoto, Taraba

[03:30PM] - "Distinguished ladies/gentlemen, I've been informed two states have just come in, they are being processed at the secretariat"- Jega


AA:101 AD: 213 ACPN:164 ADC:112 APA:632 APC:446,265 CPP:329 HOPE:67 KOWA:104 NCP:120 PDP:25,526 PPN:101 UDP:30 UPP:32

[03:15PM] - Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 24,157,205

Goodluck Jonathan: 10,840,723 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 13,316,482 votes


AA:131 AD: 173 ACPN:232 ADC:189 APA:964 APC:931,598 CPP:391 HOPE:46 KOWA:128 NCP:207 PDP:86,085 PPN:128 UDP:29 UPP:37


AA:315 AD: 254 ACPN:1464 ADC:539 APA: 945 APC:373,961 CPP:567 HOPE:115 KOWA:105 NCP:683 PDP:303,737 PPN:439 UDP:66 UPP:74

[02:49PM] - Sitting session while waiting for two states to be processed

[02:43PM] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 22,461,824

Goodluck Jonathan: 10,450,901votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 12,010,923 votes


AA: 214 AD:450 ACPN:361 ADC:472 APA:2685 APC:567,883 CPP:1794 HOPE:213 KOWA:448 NCP:519 PDP:100,972 PPN:547 UDP:207 UPP:238

[02:31M] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 21,792,969

Goodluck Jonathan: 10,349,929 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 11,443,040 votes


AA:125 AD:290 ACPN:290 ADC:294 APA:1310 APC:612,202 CPP:655 HOPE:14 KOWA:122 NCP:404 PDP:144, 833 PPN:374 UDP:93 UPP:68


AA: 495 AD:595 ACPN:1166 ADC:1012 APA:1549 APC:374,701 CPP:819 HOPE:267 KOWA:752 NCP:1212 PDP:251,664 PPN:1163 UDP:289 UPP:334

[2:13PM] - Collation commences

States Left: Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Delta, Edo, Kebbi, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, Zamfara

[01:16PM] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 20,409,569

Goodluck Jonathan: 9,953,432 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 10,456,137 votes

[01:06AM] - Commission goes on  break, will reconvene at 1.30PM

"To enable us project the two states, we will reconvene at 1.30pm"- Jega


AA: 1066 AD: 1104 ACPN:525 ADC:1031 APA:513 APC:69,238 CPP:577 HOPE:542 KOWA:2274 NCP:565 PDP:1,487,075 PPN:492 UDP:303 UPP:156

[12:40PM] Jega Address APC request to cancel elections in Rivers State

"We do not believe the allegations are substantial enough to require the cancellation/rescheduling of the elections in Rivers. The decison of the Comm is that we will take the results of the elections in Rivers state" - Jega

[12:35PM] Results so far

Total Number of Votes: 18,853,256

Goodluck Jonathan: 8,466,357 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 10,386,899 votes


AA: 279 AD: 709 ACPN:514 ADC:749 APA:532 APC:28,368 CPP:381 HOPE:237 KOWA:312 NCP:930 PDP:414,863 PPN:864 UDP:289 UPP:1487


AA: 104 AD: 169 ACPN: 192 ADC: 247 APA: 773 APC: 361,245 CPP: 407 HOPE: 46 KOWA:97 NCP: 227 PDP: 96,873 PPN:157 UDP:25 UPP:37


AA:45 AD:69 ACPN:38 ADC:116 APA:70 APC:5,194 CPP:44 HOPE:18 KOWA:52 NCP:95 PDP:361,209 PPN:62 UDP:20 UPP:35


AA:1795 AD:4453 ACPN:3038 ADC:2072 APA:2177 APC:792,460 CPP:1125 HOPE:255 KOWA:1000 NCP:1430 PDP:632,327 PPN:1041 UDP:269 UPP:244


AA: 307 AD: 403 ACPN:441 ADC:614 APA:2006 APC:657,678 CPP:1264 HOPE:198 KOWA:305 NCP:550 PDP:149,222 PPN:449 UDP:116 UPP:118


AA: 426 AD: 1133 ACPN:1214 ADC:2704 APA:2452 APC:19,518 CPP:2345 HOPE:989 KOWA:913 NCP:1890 PDP:323,653 PPN:1168 UDP:624 UPP:4859

[11:46AM] - Jega addresses crowd, collation commences

[11:24AM] - PDP chieftain disrupts results announcement, says Jega has been compromised

A mild drama has ensued at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) election result collation centre in Abuja as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Godsday Orubebe, is accusing INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega of compromise.

[11:18AM] -Collation commences

March 31, 2015 [05:00AM] - Results so far

Total Number of Voters: 15,010,646

Goodluck Jonathan: 6,488210 votes

Muhammadu Buhari: 8,522,436 votes

March 30, 2015 [11:24PM] - Jega prepares to leave collation centre to reconvene tomorrow at 10am

"Distinguished ladies/gentlemen we've taken all the states, we call it a day and convene tomorrow at 10am. Goodnight to you all"- Jega


AA: 178 AD: 279 ACPN: 391 ADC: 406 APA: 618 APC: 429,140 CPP: 237 HOPE: 56 KOWA: 138 NCP: 693 PDP: 549,615 PPN: 554 UDP: 54 UPP:29


AA: 533 AD:757 ACPN: 956 ADC: 1617 APA: 2236 APC: 133,253 CPP: 733 HOPE: 157 KOWA: 158 NCP: 784 PDP: 559,185 PPN:414 UDP:264 UPP: 1917


AA: 1600 AD: 474 ACPN:443 ADC:608 APA:384 APC:58,411 CPP:412 HOPE:192 KOWA:160 NCP:381 PDP:953,304 PPN:324 UDP:224 UPP:144


AA:315 AD:448 ACPN:2194 ADC:569 APA:2766 APC:13,394 CPP:1046 HOPE:125 KOWA:173 NCP:745 PDP:368,303 PPN:424 UDP:213 UPP:330


AA:547 AD:475 ACPN:1259 ADC:534 APA:2303 APC:17,926 CPP:1279 HOPE:357 KOWA:311 NCP:887 PDP:660,762 PPN:537 UDP:286 UPP:1121


AA:218 AD:273 ACPN:424 ADC:546 APA:1611 APC:1,127,760 CPP:824 HOPE:105 KOWA:176 NCP:754 PDP:484,085 PPN:549 UDP:79 UPP:78


AA:248 AD:520 ACPN:817 ADC:438 APA:1165 APC:302,146 CPP:910 HOPE:118 KOWA:214 NCP:394 PDP:132,602 PPN:325 UDP:81 UPP:102


AA:183 AD:283 ACPN:402 ADC:498 APA:1671 APC:1,345,441 CPP:976 HOPE:47 KOWA:215 NCP:330 PDP:98,937 PPN:254 UDP:117 UPP:72


AA:394 AD:587 ACPN:540 ADC:375 APA:2527 APC:885,988 CPP:1,553 HOPE:337 KOWA:423 NCP:548 PDP:142,904 PPN:853 UDP:338 UPP:197


AA:426 AD:708 ACPN:778 ADC:657 APA:2770 APC:1,903,999 CPP:1,552 HOPE:292 KOWA:288 NCP:697 PDP:215,779 PPN:485 UDP:234 UPP:156

8:46PM - Collation begins

March 30, 2015 [4:17PM] - "Thank you very much for your patience and for joining us", Jega says.

March 30, 2015 [4:07PM] - Professor Jega exits the hall to reconvene at 8PM


AA:40 AD:74 ACPN:95 ADC:105 APA:310 APC:236,838 CPP:131 HOPE:4 KOWA:48 NCP:222 PDP:273,460 PPN:164 UDP:23 UPP:33


AA:6331 AD:6282 ACPN:8979 ADC:5000 APA:4,468 APC:528,620 CPP:6,674 HOPE:839 KOWA:1,312 NCP:1895 PDP:303,376 PPN:2842 UDP:1069 UPP:3665


AA:139 AD:240 ACPN:342 ADC:288 APA:674 APC:146,399 CPP:347 HOPE:83 KOWA:165 NCP:473 PDP:157,195 PPN:269 UDP:95 UPP:96


AA:386 AD:1237 ACPN:2406 ADC:1227 APA:1139 APC:299,889 CPP:1012 HOPE:184 KOWA:223 NCP:846 PDP:251,368 PPN:734 UDP:184 UPP:221


AA:377 AD:1667 ACPN:1731 ADC:937 APA:1306 APC:383,603 CPP:1029 HOPE:132 KOWA:255 NCP:767 PDP:249,929 PPN:599 UDP:124 UPP:159


AA:700 AD:427 ACPN:1089 ADC:761 APA:1001 APC:264,851 CPP:967 HOPE:144 KOWA:190 NCP:399 PDP:149,987 PPN:476 UDP:180 UPP:156


AA:433 AD:269 ACPN:479 ADC:478 APA:715 APC:14,157 CPP:237 HOPE:110 KOWA:203 NCP:761 PDP:553,003 PPN:407 UDP:1,623 UPP:290


AA:584 AD:1,927 ACPN:3072 ADC:1364 APA:1930 APC:308,290 CPP:978 HOPE:332 KOWA:432 NCP:815 PDP:207,950 PPN:4,339 UDP:562 UPP:597


AA:94 ACPN: 534 APC:120,331 CPP:330 HDP:94 KOWA:108 NCP:377 PDP:176,466 PPN:388 UDP:60 UPP:14502: