Members of the House of Reps in Nigeria have thrown thrown their support behind Gambian President

According to report by BBC, the lawmakers moved a motion to offer asylum to Jammeh in Nigeria only if he steps down.

The report claimed the a large number of Nigerian lawmakers spent more than half an hour debating the motion moved by Chairman of the House of Committee on Refugees, Fani Zorro.

The lawmakers, who supported the move claimed it could be a way to stop a full-grown crisis.

However, some members did not support the asylum move saying they considered President Jammeh, who first took power in a coup in 1994, a dictator and regarded such a move as sending the wrong message to other autocrats.

While the lawmakers debate on the motion, President Muhammadu Buhari has remained steadfast in mediating.

President Buhari is scheduled to visit The Gambia on Friday, January 13, 2017 to offer Mr Jammeh asylum as part of negotiations when he goes to The Gambia tomorrow.