Pope Francis is among the top trends on your favorite social media platforms at the moment, for slapping a woman’s hand to free himself.

On New Year’s eve, the pope was happily greeting children and pilgrims in St. Peter's Square when one lady practically rough handled him.

According to CNN, the incident occurred as the pope was making his way to the Nativity scene at the center of Vatican City.

As he walked away from the crowd, a woman grabbed his hand and yanked him toward her.

A visibly upset Pope Francis who was also obviously in pain from the woman's grip, slapped her hand in an attempt to free himself, and then proceeded to briefly scream at her.

It's a scene that has now been seen round the world with different reactions to boot.

Before the incident, the woman had made a sign of the cross. She addressed the 83-year-old pope as she took his hand, but it's unclear what she was trying to tell him.

The apology

The pope has apologised for the incident.

“We lose patience many times,” Francis confessed.

“It happens to me too. I apologise for the bad example given yesterday,” the head of the Catholic church said before celebrating Mass at the Vatican.

So yes, popes do lose their cool too like you and I.