A former Libyan minister and prominent lawyer,

It said that the prominent citizens were killed on Wednesday night when forces of the national unity government clashed with Daech elements in Sirte, 450 km East at Tripoli.

The sources said that the fierce fighting also resulted in injuries to 95 government troops.

The sources said that Abdelrahman al-Kiste was taking part in the ongoing fight in Southern Sirte, together with the governmental forces and within the framework of the operation Armoured architecture meant to liberate the city from Daech forces.

Abdelrahman al-Kiste was a minister in the transitional government led by Abdelrahim al-Kib in 2012, in charge of the ministry of the Injured, Families of martyrs.

Abdelaziz Issa, the Director of Information, Education and Health sensitisation office said that injuries were not serious, saying that most of the victims would be treated and discharged shortly.