Indonesian police have arrested a woman suspected of having recruited a would-be suicide bomber in an alleged plot to attack the presidential palace, a spokesman said on Friday.

National police spokesman Martinus Sitompul said that the woman was arrested along with her husband in the West Java town of Tasikmalaya on Thursday.

“She was suspected to be a recruiter for a suicide bomber,’’ Sitompul said, adding that her husband’s role in the plot was unclear, if he had any at all.

Recently police arrested four people with links to the Islamic State extremist group on suspicion of plotting a suicide bomb attack during a change-of-the-guard ceremony at the presidential palace on Dec. 11.

The palace is normally open to the public during such ceremonies.

One of those arrested was a woman whom police said had volunteered to be the suicide bomber.

Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim majority country, has suffered several deadly attacks attributed to Islamist militants in recent years.