Not only is the digital economy more convenient and efficient in comparison to normal, traditional economic models and forms, it turns out it is also a lot safer when it comes to the circumstances we are living in today.

The digital economy offers the same services, same revenue streams, and the same amount of jobs but it definitely has a learning curve to it.

Coronavirus has completely destroyed the traditional economic model and while it will definitely rebuild over the duration of this year, the impact will remain with us for years to come to. These special circumstances have created more need for digitizing these services and Canada is one of the countries that have always believed in the importance of development and digitizing the economy in general.

Many countries accord Africa are still in the early stages of pandemic and if there is anything that the world has learned from this pandemic despite the origins and the characteristics of the virus, its that the economy also suffered immensely from it unless the local business finds a way to digitize their services and go online in order to keep their business up and keep their clients as well. Nigeria has been one of the countries across the regions that have dealt with the pandemic with more ease but there is still a lot that could be done better in the upcoming weeks that would make the COVID -19 outbreak just that much easier on the action and it might have to look for Canada as for an example.

Canada is one of the countries that has always encouraged businesses to go online. Even from 2016, they have created a space where online companies and businesses can thrive. As a result of today, Canada has a thriving digital community. The businesses that operate online, like online casinos, have taken off all over the country. Gambling in Canada is pretty standard entertainment but allowing the digital aspect of it to come forward and creating a space for an online casino in Canada to develop has just created a lot of opportunities for a new following. Meaning that the gambling industry can retain new customers with or without a pandemic, and appeal to a new demographic as well.

The Canadian economy grew by 3.3% this last year and it is larger than the online economy, meaning the iGaming business, iBanking, and other similar industries operate in Canada online. iBanking has contributed quite massively to the Canadian economy this year turning it into one of the top 10 economies in the world yet again. Canada has also been very good about encouraging the use of Bitcoins, with multiple casinos across the countries allowing the use of bitcoins as a legitimate payment method. And it’s not just the casinos. There are multiple other establishments that also accept cryptocurrencies and there are Bitcoin ATMs all across Canada to make the use of these cryptocurrencies more convenient and simple. Canada is an exception, of course, because a lot of countries have their own preservation of cryptocurrencies and of course the digitization of their business sector.

When Canada decided to grant the legitimacy to mobile apps offering Gambling services, increasing the convenience for the users, and making online gambling more accessible it became abundantly clear that making services available on the digital form had a great impact on its adoption and profitability.

Canada is definitely a digitized nation. They use technology for everything and every day. This can only mean positive development for the country as it goes forward and especially during the pandemic like these or any situation that would make going out and attending work or school in real-time impossible. There is no consensus on whether or not we should all be transitioning to the entirely digitized economy, but having both the tradition and digital economy is definitely a plus.