The Federal Government of Nigeria has formed a partnership with the World Bank to help state government tackle financial challenges caused by the decline in oil prices.

Adesina Fagbenro, Chief Responsibility Officer and Team Leader of Mothergold during the ‘Saving One Million Lives’ in Ibadan said that the collaboration was to reduce economic crises on primary healthcare services.

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“The quantity of services provided is prioritized with 61 per cent of the resources from the Programme for Result dedicated to rewarding improvements in six indicators. States will receive $205,000 for every percentage point increase in the sum of the six indicators.

“States will need to radically rethink and engage a range of actors in the search and deployment of locally tailored innovations that can improve health outcomes at the state level. Improvements will be measured through surveys that provide robust estimates at the state level.

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“Our common objective is to unlock billions of naira set aside by international bodies for healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Among the criteria to access these funds include the states’ commitment to match funds received with results achieved,” he said.