Emojis play a vital part in chat ups between teens and young adults.

Whatsapp has been known to adopt the Apple emojis but recently released their own set of emojis.

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It’s needless to say that they help in conveying feelings that would otherwise not be well communicated with words,

Emojis just like Pictures could be said to tell a thousand words.

There are however some emojis that Nigerians could really appreciate if Whatsapp were to add to the emoticon library.

Chuckles -

To chuckle is to laugh quietly or inwardly. It is quite different from laughing out loud (LOL).

And as it happens, there are jokes that do not just come out as rib cracking rolling on the floor funny. Yet we are forced to use the LOL in words or equivalent emojis.

This is why it would be cool to have a ‘Chuckle’ emoji instead of actually writing the word ‘Chuckle’ which many may not know what you mean.

Yimu emoji -

‘Yimu’ is a Yoruba slang to express ‘disagreeing with someone behind his back’. It is an emoji that displays a funny facial expression and would be great to have it in emoji format.

The emoji with the side eye is one that come close to what ‘yimu’ means but does not totally capture that 'Yimu' facial expression.

Sarcasm emoji -

We have a lot of sarcastic peeps in our lives. Wouldn’t it be cool to have this sarcastic look in an emoji so the person doesn’t have to spell it out in words that he is being a sarcastic jerk. According to science though, a winking emoji could be used to let someone know you are being sarcastic.

'Wasted' emoji

- When you have one too many drinks  on a night out with friends, and you finally get your sanity back, it would be nice to do some explaining to girlfriend that you got drunk with a ‘Wasted emoji’

Stuck in traffic -

Lagosians need not tell you why they could use this one. If not for anything else just to vent their frustrations. The straight face, angry or sad emoji may not do that feeling justice.

Meanwhile Apple and its iPhone X are currently turning heads with the animojis (animated emojis).