Media reports from across various platforms are saying that South African internet giant, Naspers, has shut down WeChat in Nigeria and the company will now be operating from South Africa.

According to Innovation Village, there is no more local staff for WeChat in Nigeria anymore, and Naspers has moved the instant messaging app's operations to South Africa.

WeChat is the mobile text and voice messaging communication platform developed by Chinese tech giant, Tencent, in China, and was first released in 2011.

In Africa, WeChat is being managed by Naspers, which also happens to be one of the major investors in Tencent, the company behind WeChat.

In the Innovation Village report, many of the companies Naspers has set up in Nigeria have gone the same way. The report lists them as follows:

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However, some of its other businesses are still operational including Career24, the job search site, and BitX, the bitcoin trading platform.

Naspers also invested in e-commerce giant, Konga, in its early years, and recently reported a 6% increase in revenue for the 2015 financial year.