For the 2016 edition of the Mobile West Africa conference (which will again be in Lagos, on 19th, 20th and 21st April) the organisers have decided to launch an annual awards ceremony called the WAMAS, which stands for "West Africa Mobile Awards".

“Why are we doing this?  This is something I've been discussing since 2013 and I want the WAMAS to celebrate industry progress.  We want to give every individual and organisation the opportunity to enter and have their success recognised locally and globally.  In order to make this contest as open as possible there is NO COST WHATSOEVER to enter for an award,” says Mathew Dawes, organizer of Mobile West Africa in a mail to Pulse Tech.

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Dawes says his team will be bringing together a whole host of local and international experts as judges, and industry partners as official supporters.

As a collective, the team hopes to make the West Africa Mobile Awards a truly independent celebration of the successes and growth of the industry.

To participate, you just have to enter.  Choose the category or categories that best fit your achievements and fill in the application form online.  The entry process has now officially opened on the official WAMAS website.