Vitafoam Nigeria Plc revealed that its merger with Vono is going to translate to a quick commercial growth for your company.

The Group Managing Director, Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi, shared his optimism concerning the anticipated growth the company is to actualise from the merger.

He said, “I can assure you that we at Vitafoam have always been thinking ahead. The issue of merger started about five years ago. Vitafoam is not just about mattresses only. We have many products for human comfort. As you all know, Vono is also a brand.

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“If we produce foam and Vono produces furniture, they are complementary. It is a strategic decision for Vitafoam to have Vono as a subsidiary. As you are aware, we have other subsidiaries such as Vitabloom, Vitagreen and Vitapur. Each of them produces distinct products. But they have something in common and this defines the unity of purpose.

The main attraction of the merger is how both brands are expected to complement each other.