This profitable trend is doing wonders for celebrity concierges like XM Concierge who get paid remarkable amounts of money to secure meet-and-greets between celebrities and fans. Simon David and his team at XM spend their work hours ensuring that fans get to meet their favourite celebrities at any cost, whether it’s meeting them for dinner at their favourite restaurant or spending a life-changing 20 minutes with them, David makes sure that the fans’ hard earned cash does not go to waste.

According to a recent article on Bloomberg, David’s most notable celebrity meet-and-greet to date featured Ed Sheeran, Madonna, and Drake visiting their 'clients' in their hotel rooms at different times throughout the day.

Although this might sound like an unusual idea to most people, these paid meet-and-greets are becoming a popular past-time in the celebrity circuit. According to David, the reason this business is such a lucrative one is because there are so many 'high-end, high-net-worth clients all over the world who want to experience unobtainable things.'

It’s not just the fans who rave about the meet-and- greets, earning such easy revenue appeals to even the wealthiest stars because of the host of exposure opportunities it provides.

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