So somebody reached out to me on this interesting platform called Unigram, a Nigerian edu-startup looking to disrupt Nigeria's tech ecosystem.

Universities can be rated on a scale of 1-10, on criteria such as quality of education, facilities, student/social Life, security and accommodation, research and innovation while lecturers can be rated on a scale of 1-10, on criteria including attendance, student engagement, quality of teaching, knowledge of curriculum.

Dami Osiyale, the CEO and Co-Founder believes Unigram will serve as a useful scorecard, to find out what students are really thinking, he also believes Unigram will help students, parents and faculty make informed decisions by promoting transparency within education.

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Akinbola Asalu, a Co-Founder as well, believes students all have a role to play, either as an alumni, current or a prospective student in the betterment of higher education in Nigeria as a whole.

Asalu also believes if a university or lecturer is aware there is a public forum where students can publicly rate them based on their job as groomers of would-be future leaders, they will take their job more seriously.

"NUC might say Obafemi Awolowo University is the best university in Nigeria, but what do their students really think?," Asalu says.

If you can't find your lecturer on the website, you can manually add their information and the Unigram guys will add it to the website.

You can visit the website at