Remember Uber acquired self-driving truck startup, Otto, for $680 million back in August? Well, the startup has gone on to make its first autonomous delivery.

Otto is a startup that makes self-driving software and hardware technology for trucks and other similar vehicles.

In a blog post announcing the feat, Otto wrote, "We delivered 51,744 cans of Budweiser with the truck driving itself for approximately 120 miles. Our system controlled the truck’s acceleration, braking, and steering exit-to-exit without any human intervention; in fact, its human driver monitored the entire operation from a sleeper berth in the back of the vehicle."

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Drivers were on board at all times and actually took control of the trucks in the cities it went through on the way to making the historic delivery.

However, the truck was able to drive itself on the highways as it snaked its way across the American countryside.

This is another huge step in the direction of autonomy. In the US and other parts of the world, there are various autonomous driving tests and companies working tirelessly towards that future.

Africa is yet to get on the autonomous train, with infrastructural challenges and a near-gigantic funding gap playing key roles in the continent's inability to test and develop autonomous driving technology.