UberBlacks operation has been ceased  in Nigeria. It appears the service was only stopped in some African countries as it is still being offered in several other european cities.

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Launched in Ghana yesterday, Uber limited its service offers to Uber Select, and same thing happened last week in Uganda when the company launched its services there.

UberBlack is Uber’s finest car service which offers clients luxury rides in either a sedan or an SUV. The luxury, as is expected, comes with a reported price tag which is twice what you would be required to pay for UberX, XL, and Plus rides.

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Uber gave no reasons for its decision to cancel the Uber black service; only stating that the service would be replaced by UberSelect.

UberSelect is “UberBlack but the cars don’t have to be black”.

According to UberEstimate,“It’s a luxurious step above UberX; but cheaper than a black car. If you want to ride in style but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, this car service is for you. Cars that fall under this category must be newer and otherwise have higher requirements than UberX,”

Uber, in a pop up message that which shows at the launching of its mobile app, describes Uber Select as “a new way to get around Lagos in style and at an affordable price."