This news about the driver of Uber taxi is a rare display of 'symphonic' customer engagement. It will surely douse the tension surrounding the company in recent times.

Jeff Sullivan in an interview with Huffington Post, gave an account of his exciting ride in an Uber taxi.

According to Huffington post, He said: "He was playing [opera] on his radio and I told him how much I appreciated it."

'He mentioned that he was a student, but I’m not sure if he meant it in the literal sense or that he just enjoys music," he added. "I then told him that 'the floor is yours' and he started singing.At first I thought he was kidding, then he started to impress more and more, so I pulled out my camera. No one would believe me when I told them I was just in an Uber with Pavoratti’s muse.'

Watch the video and see what transpired.