Twinpine Networks has released its Nigeria Mobile Trends Report  for this year 2016 and there most interesting take away from it is simple - mobile.

According to the Twinpine report, Nigeria is the most "mobilised" country in the world (more than India and South Africa) because 76% of all Internet traffic in Nigeria comes through mobile.

Major key: if you are a digital content publisher, focus all your attention on optimizing for mobile if you want any kind of success in the future.

One important thing this report shows is that, not only is desktop traffic low in comparison to mobile, it is also on a steady decline. The Twinpine report states that desktop traffic decreased from 57% in 2011 to just 18% in 2015, while mobile traffic jumped from 42% in 2011 to 79% in 2015.

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Android is the most popular OS, which isn't a surprise, while Samsung is the leading device manufacturer in Nigeria followed by Apple, then Blackberry.

In terms of mobile market trends, users can now get 15 times more data in 2016 with N1000 that they could have in 2011. That is a huge jump.

Growth is also quite interesting as well. MTN Nigeria has been the biggest telco in terms of subscribers for the longest time. In 2011, the South Africa-based firm had 19.7 million subscribers, a number which grew to 61.2 million in 2015, then it dropped to 57 million following the entire SIM registration thing.

Globacom is the second largest telco in terms of subscribers with 8.6 million in 2011 to 34.6 million in 2016. Airtel come third with 6 million subscribers in 2011 to 33.8 million in 2016. Etisalat has the smallest subscriber base with 4.4 million in 2011, increasing to 21.8 million in 2016.