TSTV has been receiving feedback from Nigerians who have already gotten their hands on the decoders.

So far the reception has not been a pleasant one judging by Twitter reactions.

TSTV commercial roll-out was postponed to commence on November 1, 2017 but on said day, a press release came out saying they were still out testing signals and giving out free decoder units for test run.

Some users were getting a CA error that read “You are viewing Bein Sports Content illegally via TSTV in Nigeria.”

These are some of the reactions on Twitter:

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Pulse was able to get its hands on a free decoder unit from the head office in Abuja. On initial attempt to set up the device and get signal for the channels, the installer found it a bit of challenge, but was later able to come around it.

To our surprise or probably, not much of a surprise, all the channels Nigerians have been dying to see are nowhere to be found.

52 channels were decoded.

BeiNsports channel that was initially airing has zeroed out, there is no FOX, CNN, Telemundo, MTV Base or the likes.

Local channels that came up were Channels and NTA.

No AIT (that broadcasted their launch on October 1) or STV came up.

Some channels observed include Mbc2, MBC max, Mbc action, Al Jazeera English, Liberty TV, BBC World, CGTN among others.

Another observation was that the set top box that's supposed to let you browse the internet with TSTV's promised complimentary 20GB data hasn't showed up yet. Perhaps that's for later.

But hey let’s keep our fingers crossed because according to TSTV, It’s still testing phase.

This story was made possible by our Abuja correspondent Goodness Adaoyiche.