Transfast, a global money transfer company, is offering its clients exciting new rates for transferring money to Nigeria.

Transfast is on a mission to further promote and advance services offered to and between Africa and the diaspora in 2016. The new rates are an integral part of that mission.

Transfast provides a platform for sending funds between countries, including Nigeria and the United States, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Last year, the company boosted its support of African dual entrepreneurs (members of the African diaspora in the United States who not only have businesses in the States, but who also send money back home to Africa to fund various undertakings), through the #TransfastPromise initiative, which focused specifically on Africa by showcasing dual entrepreneurs and encouraging grassroots community building on the continent.

In addition to offering improved rates for transfers between Africa and the diaspora this year, Transfast Africa is set to continue its work in promoting entrepreneurship in Africa, including partnering with start-up accelerators in Nigeria to groom and grow up-and-coming entrepreneurs and further showcasing, promoting and uplifting African dual entrepreneurs.