Sending money to friends, associates and family will no longer be much of a problem as an innovative, easy, fast and reliable solution to send then receive money in local currency has debuted here in Nigeria.

TransFast is a worldwide money transfer service solution that cheap, secure, offers better exchange rates and faster transfers, in addition to being convenient.

The service currently operates in over 120 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa with multi-product capability.

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In a chat with Jay Vix, Global Director of Digital Marketing for TRANSFAST, he said, “We support the young Africa movement of aspiring entrepreneurs to get money into Africa easily and help them save and become more skilled trained professionals while creating jobs.”

Currently there are testimonies of young videographers, PR and Others who have been hired and travelled with to other countries.

The company is training and creating Jobs to develop the Community and entrepreneurial minded Nigerian, a move which it hopes will help in developing the necessary opportunities to grow the private sector.