Successful businessman, Mr. Tony Elumelu has appealed to the United Sates Congress to consider an intervention plan that will help to facilitate regular power supply in Africa.

The situation of power supply has been so problematic especially for business, who spend quite lot of funds investing on electricity.

Elumelu told the US lawmakers attending the Power Africa Summit in Washington DC on Thursday, “When you leave this place, call your Representatives and the leadership of the House and ask them to pass the bill”.

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According to reports, a bill has been passed at the US Senate, and is currently awaiting votes by the US House of Representatives.

For Africa to become an industrial power in the 21st century, it must overcome its power generation problems.

Elumelu said, “Power cuts across and has impact on healthcare delivery, job creation, education, food security, communications and all other sectors of the economy. It is unacceptable that 600 million Africans lack access to energy in the 21st century”.

Earlier, the business mogul had written a joint letter with President, Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote to that effect.