Thrivesend has been around for a while and it charges N45 for bank transfers compared to platforms like Quickteller that charge N100 for each money transfer transaction.

On social media, there have been several testimonies of the product but that has not been the case all four times we at Pulse Tech tried it in the past. Hopefully, the product is way better now and we will test it again.

Also, with this launch, it looks like Thrivesend is going to have a major focus on remittances. “Thrivesend is the cheapest, easiest and most secure way to send money to Nigeria,” says Flutterwave in a Medium post.

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Thrivesend uses Flutterwave’s PCI-DSS certified technology and infrastructure to process both local and international cards securely and instantly fund bank accounts in Nigeria.

“Remittances accounts for a huge portion of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, but even with over $30 billion coming into Africa — and a significant fraction of that coming to Nigeria — the cost of sending money home is expensive. Moreso, very few local players are offering an affordable service compliant with CBN’s regulations,” says CEO of VGG, Bunmi Akinyemiju.

“Leveraging Flutterwave’s Technology, ensures that we are able to provide a home-grown, affordable, compliant and secure solution for Nigerians in Nigeria and the diaspora.”

Thrivesend is available now on Android and iOS.