Even with keyboard and accessories, creating documents on Tablets is awkward. That's where CloudOn, delivers. You get a lot of Word, Excel and PowerPoint features in an elegantly, lightweight package. You can change, rename and even email and share documents, read and view images, PDFs and other file types as well.

CloudOn is basically a version of Office 2010, but it's not easy to use on a touch screen. Once you get used to the layout it’ll be easier to operate. The limited screen space causes a lot of functions to be tucked away, it’s hard to find everything you need, but it's all there.

The biggest drawback is the mouse controls. Simple tasks like drag and drop, arranging items and even navigation are often tedious. . When you hold the backspace key down, it doesn't keep deleting. The pinch-to-zoom is scrolling is great, but you'll need to tap or hold a lot, or various combinations of the two.The software runs quickly, but the usability could be easier.

Microsoft's Office app won't arrive until late 2014, so you'll have to improvise with CloudOn until then. CloudOn isn't the most powerful or agile solution, but for its price and convenience, it's a great stop-gap for any on-the-go worker that doesn't want to lug around his laptop.

Source : Huffington Post