News filtering in from Amazon’s website says the launch of the new Google Nexus player will be coming up tomorrow  Thursday 26th March, 2015.

Google is yet to make any official statement on the release, but industry watchers say the device will be a game changer and a good replacement for Google’s chromecast, which is not currently doing well in the market.

The device is powered by an Intel processor - a 1.8GHz Atom - and has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage for apps, making it powerful for a bit of gaming on top of the movies.

Tech heads say the Google nexus player will cost £80 in the UK, and $99 in the US. According to news sources, the device will be available from Thursday, on Amazon. Some say the device is a bit on the high side, if compared to the chromecast.

Techies await what Google's plan is,  with the Nexus Player, citing that it does offer the ability to run Android TV. The only issue is, it's not clear what the future of Android TV is, given that Google TV was killed off due to a lack of interest and replaced with the much simpler Chromecast which runs a very paired-back version of Android - although it's based on Google TV at its core.