The CEO of African music streaming service, Spinlet, Nkiru Balonwu, has announced that the service’s mobile app has been downloaded nearly 2 million times since 2013.

The company is currently facing competition from the likes of Apple Music and other international services but Balonwu says Spinlet’s local knowledge will be enough to ensure that it competes favorably.

“Spinlet entered the market in 2012 but didn’t really kick off properly until 2013 when we put up our pay wall and started offering subscription (streaming) services first, and then downloads,” said Balonwu.

“Since then, our app has been downloaded nearly 2 million times. We see between 1,000 and 1,300 new user registrations on the average on a daily basis. We have also achieved over 20 million track downloads to date.”

Spinlet has also gone beyond just streaming and downloads, with the company working with numerous other firms as a Value Added Services (VAS) provider, while also commissioning its own original content.

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“The key trends we have noticed this year are the entrants of new players like Apple Music, changing consumer music tastes in favour of music streaming and a growing emphasis on playlists and music curation to improve user listening experience for any occasion,” she said.

Spinlet, has also been investing in editorial content, hiring a team to focus on discovery and content curation, while also partnering with external DJs to promote playlists from its catalogue.