Sliide Airtime launched yesterday in Nigeria with an amazing response. Over 3,000 people downloaded the app within the first 12 hours, and since launching has rewarded users with over three million naira in free airtime, with some users earning well over 10,000 Naira.

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User can then earn more free airtime by completing offers and for a limited time only inviting friends.

We spoke to Corbyn, one of the founders.  He said “I just can’t believe how well received the app has been in Nigeria – one user invited 326 friends earning himself 32,600 Naira.  I personally gave him a call and asked if he would like to come and work for us.  He hasn’t given me an answer yet but I hope he does.”

To check it out for yourself simply visit, download the app, enter the code AIRTIME, and you will get 100N free airtime, just for downloading it.