Just when you think the traffic in Lagos State is getting better, you hear something like this.

Yesterday, the 8th of October, the collision of two tankers and a trailer at Ilasamaja bus stop around 2am caused a NINE-hour traffic congestion.

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According to reports, the traffic stretched from Ilasamaja to Mile 2, thereby leaving commercial buses, commuters, including pupils, stuck in limbo.

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While most buses could not operate, a few did and exploited the situation by hiking the fares from N50 to N150.

A few policemen and officials of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) tried to do something, but nothing could really be done until the vehicles were removed at 11a.m.

While most blamed the trailer and two tankers, one eyewitness, Kaseem Aremu, blamed the potholes on the road for the incident.

“Two tankers had already trapped on the road before the trailer arrived. The driver thought he could manoeuvre his way before the tyres slipped off. The container fell off but was blocked by the tanker. The trailer driver should have waited for the better side of the road to be cleared instead of trying to manoeuvre his way along the deep side of the potholes.”

Another eyewitness, Balarabe Abdullahi, who drove the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) tanker, could not make it to Abuja on time because of this incident.

"The road is not good. My motor enters inside the potholes. I am going to Abuja. This other vehicle (trailer) hit my motor as well. It is only when they remove the trailer that they will be able to remove my own motor. I am carrying 40,000 litres of petrol. I am coming from Apapa and taking the petrol to Suleja in Abuja. I have called my boss to tell him what happened and he is on his way. There are so many bad roads in the country; it is killing our business. The journey from Lagos to Abuja takes us up to four days as a result of traffic congestion caused by bad roads but if there is no traffic congestion, we spend just two days."

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Which was responsible for the traffic congestion, bad roads or trailers/trucks?

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