Rolls-Royce has revealed that it will receive €80 million (£57 million, $87 million) to supply the British Army with engines that will power its new SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV).

The London-listed aerospace and defence giant company, also famous for its range of luxury vehicles, said in a statement that it will deliver 589 MTU Series 199 diesel engines from 2016 until 2022. This will be the first time that MTU engines will be used in British Army platforms.

"We are delighted that our MTU engine has been trusted for this important project,"Dr Ulrich Dohle, CEO at Rolls-Royce Power Systems said. "This order once again proves that when it comes to performance and reliability, the Series 199 engine is benchmark in its power range."

According to reports, the engines the company will be supplying have a power output of 600 kilowatts and are the most powerful engines in the Rolls-Royce series. The model is already being used in the Austrian army's ULAN and Spain's Pizarro vehicles.

The contract may seem small in comparison to the massive £5.9 billion ($9.2 billion) deal it sealed with Dubai's Emirates airline last month, which was to supply engines for 50 A380 aircraft, but it shows that the company is back on track and winning contracts after a tumultuous year, sources confirm.

In February this year, Rolls-Royce CEO John Rishton said 2014 was a "mixed year" after the stock prices dropped by 23%. Underlying revenue declined for the first time in 10 years and the entire group went under a major restructuring.