Building an audience on social media requires a lot of planning and marketing strategies, but the harder part of the process is keeping your audience. On social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) your audience can express themselves in just one click by clicking the like, dislike, or unfollow button.

In 2016 you need to be socially smart to keep your audience entertained and educated with 140 characters or more. This requires you to understand the psychology of your audience, ranging from “what they like,” “what they don’t like,” and “what you can make them like.”

The audience is different on every social media platform is different, so is their likes and dislikes.

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Ringier Digital Marketing lists below 5 reasons you might not be getting your desired social media engagement results.

Boring Content: Contents that are not sport, celebrity or trends related has a 50% chance that it will not interest your audience. Most people go on social media platforms to relief themselves of stress, to chat, discuss trends, this means your brand 140 characters or more has to be entertaining, educating, and valuable.

Another thing is, 90% of active social media users want everything as simple as possible, No big grammar, No dragging. Every financial

Post Method: The worst thing you can do to your audience/followers is to make them feel you only post when you need their help.

Based on research 99% of those active on social media do not follow or unfollow brands, because they either flood their pages with promotional ads, or have boring way of sending their message across. The social media world is so sensitive that too much or lesser posts can result in no engagements.

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Lack Of CreativityOr Copy And Paste Strategy:  Nowadays, the copy and paste social media strategy is used, Because Zee bank uses a particular strategy to engage its audience, Aye bank does the same.

All brands need to communicate with that that makes them unique to their audience. Using Chicken Republic’s recent digital marketing strategy as an example, their jumping in on trends can be controversial, but it gets them the attention.

Customer Service: Excellent customer service is an important key to business success. When enquires are made on social media, how long does it take you to respond or do you respond? Any organization represented on social media platforms, should have a standby online customer service agent.

This is because the social media clock says 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 or 356 days in a year, enquires can be made at any time, and you need to be ready when it comes.

You Do It Yourself: In as much you can do it yourself, it takes a group of marketing experts to come up with an excellent digital marketing plan that suits your brand.

At Ringier Digital Marketing, we have teams of experts that can help you maximize your online presence and optimize your social media activity. We also have a track record of facilitating returns for customers ranging from individuals to SMEs to Multi-national Corporation. Contact us today to get started and let us work with you to make sure your brand succeeds regardless of the economic climate.