There have been numerous tips and tricks on how to save battery life on your phone but there may be a better way to save as much as 20% more juice on your phone - stop using the Facebook app.

In line with Android Authority's discovery last month, which showed that the Facebook app could drain Android smartphone batteries by as much as 20%, The Guardian's Samuel Gibbs also performed a week-long test using an iPhone 6S, and found that by removing the app, he was able to save up to 15% in battery life.

Rather than access the social media platform through the app, Gibbs did so through the Safari browser. "On average I had 15% more battery," said Gibbs. He, however, didn't remove Facebook Messenger.

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Gibbs also had other iPhone users perform similar tests removing the Facebook app from their devices - and they all reported similar battery savings when they used the Safari web browser instead of using the app.

The Guardian journalist also revealed that apart from his battery savings, he also regained about 500MB of memory space on his device.

So if you want to squeeze as much battery life as possible out of your phone, then you should ditch the Facebook app, regardless of the device which you use.

P.S: Snapchat is another app that will chew through your phone battery life like there is no tomorrow., unfortunately there is no web equivalent so you just have to watch your usage.