Africa is constantly evolving, and so is it’s the healthcare and technology sector.


Find-A-Med is a location based mobile application that uses your phones’ GPS feature and  allows users to find the closest health center. The app also stores your basic health information in case of an emergency. The app aims to make any healthcare facility across Nigeria accessible and findable from a mobile device.

Kids First Aid

This app gives emergency information to parents and teachers when they need it-  a useful app for when you are travelling in a place where you don’t speak the language or when help is not readily available or nearby. The South African-built app won the 2013 MTN Business App award for best windows app.

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor is an app that provides free healthcare information updated on a daily basis. The app also gives users access to healthcare advice, answers to health-related questions, and confidential one-on-one text conversation with a doctor, with the ability to receive a call back from a doctor within 60 minutes.

Hello Doctor is also currently available in 10 African countries and features various language options.

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MomConnect is a National Department of Health (NDoH) initiative to use SMS technology to register every pregnant woman in South Africa. The app is managed by the South African Department of Health. Once registered, the system will send each mother messages to support her and her baby during pregnancy, childbirth and even up to the child’s first birthday.

Smart Health App

The Smart Health App aims to provide accurate baseline information on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. Currently, the app is available in Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, and Senegal.


Matibabu is a smartphone app that assists patients to diagnose malaria without providing a blood sample that was developed in Uganda by team Code8 using a custom-made piece of hardware (matiscope), which consists of a red LED and a light sensor.

A finger is inserted into the device diagnosis and the results can be viewed through a smartphone.


According to the developers, Shimba Technologies,  MedAfrica essentially acts as a pocket clinic. The app can be used to diagnose and monitor symptoms caused by various diseases.

It also provides the user with a directory of doctors and hospitals nearby as well as information on potential treatment for diseases. In addition, the app can also be used to identify counterfeit medication.