While ups are good, downs are almost always inevitable, and these are the biggest heartbreaks in tech this 2017.

The layoffs.

In November 2017, Konga’s CEO, Shola Adekoya, announced that they were scrapping pay-on-delivery completely. The CEO said this was due to “the cost of inflation and increasing challenges of managing payment-on-delivery, as well as the resulting level of order cancellations on the platform, we had to take this decision.”

They also made huge changes, adding “contact seller” buttons to 3rd party sellers on their website. Pretty much a classifieds move. This also came with Konga scrapping warehousing options for their merchants. All of this points to one thing; Konga is trying to streamline their operations to the most important things that, hopefully will take them closer to profitability.

This also came with hard calls; Konga laid off 60% of their workforce. This is a lot, when you think of the fact that Konga is one of the largest employers of tech talent in the ecosystem which had over 600 staff. Not the greatest way for the affected to end the year.

Jumia was hemorrhaging slowly this year, first with layoffs following the merging of all the brands like Kaymu, and a few trimmings here and there.

Limbo at the Cabal.

One of the ecosystem’s favourite companies is Big Cabal Media, the parent company of Techcabal, the used-to-be first thought when it comes tech news in Nigeria, and Zikoko; the site that captured all the humour and nostalgia for young Nigerians everywhere.

In November of 2017, members of the team including Justin Irabor, Shola Lawal, Jola Ayeye, Malikah Maryam, resigned from the company due to irreconcilable differences with management.

While Techcabal remains live, Zikoko.com, is currently down, due to technical issues as we've now confirmed.

According to sources though, there are big moves to expect from this company in the first quarter of next year.

The shutdowns.

Efritin.com shut down in September this year, but the shutdown really began in January, with the massive layoff and shutdown of office operations in January.

Another interesting startup that shutdown was GoMyWay, an innovative carpooling service that never really got around to finding a good lane.

The deaths.

The two biggest losses this year; Imogie Mubarak, and .

If Mubarak was alive, he would almost certainly have made the list of our most influential people in tech. Not just because he was a great UI/UX designer, but because he dedicated a lot of his time to building lives, making people better, making startups better. He died in July on the 9th of July at 24 years old following a sickle cell crisis. He dedicated most of his life to community service and building.

Samson Abioye was CEO of Pass.ng until his death on July 28. He was 25. The LAUTECH Alumni was using his work at Pass.ng to push his dreams to help young Nigerians perform better in their WAEC, JAMB, and Common Entrance Examinations.