Prayerbox, a social network that allows you post your prayer points and view prayers from users they follow in their timeline, has caught the attention of forbes.

Oyekan Oyelaja, the founder of the social network-Prayerbox, in an interview with forbes said: “In one week, I had built a working prototype which I showed to my pastor who was beyond impressed. Prayerbox initially launched as Ourprayerbox in 2011 but was shut down as I had run out of funds. an accelerator based in Lagos launched sometimes in 2014 and after sending in a brief about Prayerbox they invested in the idea.”

Read this fascinating part of the interview, and see what he said 'As a programmer, I would spend most of my Saturday nights writing code and end up waking up late on Sundays and obviously miss church services. My pastor invited me one day and asked why I had stopped coming to church as often as I used to. I told him why and he asked me how technology could affect my religious life. Being a heavy social media user, I had noticed the growing trend of people sharing prayers on social networks but these platforms often come out of context when fused with religion. BOOM! I said I’d build a twitter for religion.'

Describing his social network to the forbes reporter he said: 'Prayerbox users can share prayers, testimonies, pray for each other, stay connected to their churches, and even pay their tithes, offerings and donations directly to their churches through the service.'

Nigerian techpreneurs are blazing the trail.