Would you care about a poop emoji showing a range of emotions?

The other day Google and Apple were debating over how a burger emoji should look like.

Well the guys at Unicode, the technical organization in charge of selecting and overseeing emojis have decided they have nothing to do better with their time than discuss poop emojis and the type of new emotions they should create.

Their argument centers around “Frowning Pile of Poo,” one of the emojis under consideration for the June 2018 class.

The two chief critics — Michael Everson and Andrew West, both typographers — say that the emoji proposal process has become too commercial and frivolous, thereby cheapening the Unicode Consortium’s long body of work.

“Organic waste isn’t cute,” Everson wrote, aghast that the technical committee would even deign to consider additional excremoji. “It is bad enough that the [Emoji Subcommittee] came up with it, but it beggars belief that the [Unicode Technical Committee] actually approved it,” he wrote. Everson continued.

Asking a Pulse colleague Yinka if she likes the poop emoji, she says “Because it is nasty and if you wanted to tell someone they are shit, you would use that, you could also use it to express emotions of surprise, shock, disappointment” she added.

So we both concluded that the poop emoji could pass for use in everyday communication and come with as many emotion variations as possible.

The default one used on Whatsapp is a smiling one, and people do use it, so nothing should stop them using a frowning poop emoji or any other variety people come up with and propose to Unicode.

Besides, it's not that serious.

Would you agree too?

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