As much as we all look forward to some drama in our politics, this long drawn duel between Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello and the Senator representing Kogi West in the upper legislative chamber, Dino Melaye, has reached ridiculous levels.

The relationship between both men hasn't always been this frosty, though.

During the inauguration ceremony of Bello on January 27, 2016, Melaye was self-appointed cheerleader and compere.

In usual Melaye style, he worked the crowd with his bellicose voice and boundless energy.

Melaye described Bello as the best thing to ever happen to Kogi State. He referred to the Governor's election as "historic".

It is difficult to state exactly when the strain in their relationship occurred, but it's been months and months of sabre-rattling and invective trading between Melaye and Bello for a while now.

The Governor has called the Senator a "child" who "lacks proper parental care and upbringing...a social menace in the society.”

Melaye has referred to Bello as a man who is “afraid of anyone with a rising profile, a characteristic of one suffering superiority complex and intellectual stagnancy.”

Melaye says civil servants haven't been paid their salaries in Kogi for like forever.

The Governor disagrees.

“Sincerely speaking, Kogi State is living in peace. Projects are ongoing. We are all happy over there. Salaries are being paid as and when due and we are making serious progress,” the Governor demurred.

Melaye alleges that the Governor has attempted to have him assassinated twice.

According to the lawmaker, Bello wants him dead only because he's been railing against the poor performance of the Governor since he was inaugurated.

Thugs have been armed with more guns in Kogi on account of both politicians.

This week, one person was killed and scores injured as Melaye addressed a young audience outside a polytechnic in Kogi.

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Melaye has called for a state of emergency to be declared in his home state.

“I will seek the leave of this senate to bring a proper motion to ask for the declaration of a State of emergency in Kogi state. As I speak to you, Kogi state is no longer passable since Yahaya Bello became the Governor. Kidnap is going on, on daily basis. Insecurity on the rise than ever. There have been four jail breaks in prison", the Senator railed during plenary this week.

Moves to recall Melaye by his constituents have reached an advanced stage. The recall moves bear the imprimatur of the Governor.

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Melaye and Bello have utilised all avenues to rain more dirt and mud on themselves.

I want to believe that no true son or daughter of Kogi has been enjoying this show of shame.

As is often the case during fights like this, good governance will definitely take a back seat as two giants of the nation's political space descend into the arena.

Kogi State has a plethora of socio-economic problems to grapple with, without throwing the ego of two 'over-grown babies' into the mix.

It's time for some semblance of peace and good governance in Kogi. The State has had its fair share of poor leadership for far too long.

This 'roforofo' fight isn't going to make matters any better.