The Anambra APC Grassroots Support Group (AAGSG) has called on the national executive of the party to immediately disqualify Tony Nwoye over anti-party activities.

The group said this yesterday at a press conference it held in Awka.

They group alleged that while other aspirants had conducted themselves with the modest decorum, a much needed prerequisite for anyone to be the flag-bearer of the party, ‘it was sad that Nwoye had not taken that path.’

AAGSG coordinator, Anona Anaso urged the national executive and all other organs of the party to live up to its billing and save the party from the likes of Nwoye.

“We have it on good source that Nwoye had been engaged in activities detrimental to the harmony, unity and chances of the party even before the primaries and we are prepared to present evidence when called upon if need be to state its case,” he said.

"Owing to the nature of the forthcoming elections and the pressing need for APC in Anambra to win the November 18 elections, we as a party ought to check and weed out undesirable characters capable of causing disharmony amongst members of the party and dent very much the chances of success.

“As I speak, while a number of other aspirants have largely carried out their campaigns with the decorum demanded of them, it is much to our dismay that Tony Nwoye an aspirant known for all forms of notoriety has refused to go along that path.

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“It is instrumental to inform NEC and all other concerned organs and committees of the party, that Nwoye was a signatory to the accord set by the Jim Nwobodo committee, which called upon all aspirants to be prepared to support whoever emerges as the candidate.

“Sadly, Nwoye has thrown away all aspects of the accord, sponsoring insidious allegations and petitions against other candidates as well as threatened violence.

“We have it on source that, typical of his undemocratic disposition, he has even threatened to work against the party should certain aspirants win the primaries.

“Again, we have it on source that the story making the rounds that the party chairman had been bribed by a fellow aspirant was also due to the evil machinations of Nwoye.

“Is Tony Nwoye bigger than the party? Is he bigger than our collective interests?

"We therefore call on the party to immediately look into these charges and do the right thing or risk the victory that we so seek," he added.

About 40 candidates have indicated interest to contest for the Anambra state governorship position.