Ancestors of Okun land will never endorse the "deception" of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi state, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship campaign council, has said.

Tajudeen Yusuf, director-general of PDP campaign, said this in reaction to comments made by Smart Adeyemi, director-general of the APC campaign council.

Both men are from Okun land in Kogi West Senator Senatorial District of the state.

"I advise my brother who hailed from the same federal constituency with me, Teejay Yusuf, to resign as their DG, so as not to allow our ancestors to rage against him," Adeyemi was quoted to have said at a press conference on Friday, October 4, 2019.

But, Yusuf said Adeyemi's comments were insensitive to the plight of the Kogi people.

He said that going on what is on the ground, the Okun people and rest of the residents would not be swayed by Adeyemi's "official lies".

"My attention has been drawn to some comments credited to Senator Smart Adeyemi, the Director-General of APC Governorship campaign wherein he rabidly disparaged our ancestors in Okunland of Kogi state and made yet another futile effort to confuse the electorate with their usual vague assertions," he said.

"He was not known for comedy yet he stirred unbelievable laughter when he claimed that our ancestors in Okun land , the Yoruba-speaking parts of Kogi state – are in full support of the misery and deprivation, including the denial of salaries until election date came close.  

"Trying too much to show his insensitive employers that he is campaigning for them among our enlightened people who can hardly be swayed by official lies and pretensions, he tried too, to disparage my personality.

"However, as a properly brought-up Kabba and indeed Okun son who is proud of our noble heritage and his grassroots antecedents, I will not descend so low to join my big brother in his unfortunate descent into an officially insensitive gang.

"For a bonafide Okun person, our cultural values of honour, integrity, sincerity, transparency, probity and selflessness are our priceless and jealousy preserved attributes; I do not intend to depart from these legendary virtues.

"In addition, I do not intend to help Senator Adeyemi in his usual sly and dodgy ways to change the tone and focus of the governorship election campaign from that of issues to needless name-calling , spurious claims and despicable tantrums," he added.

The PDP campaign council maintained that the current administration in Kogi state does not deserve another four-year term.